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Academic Support for Every Flyer

Yes, the Marian Library is full of books and ephemera on the Blessed Virgin Mary and is a great source for religious studies majors. But did you realize that the Marian Library is a great source of information and support for ALL undergraduate and graduate students? Learn how our librarians can help you.

"I knew that the Marian Library had an extensive collection about Mary, but I did not know that it could cross so many disciplines like art history, gender studies and book history."

Research Assistance

The Marian Library can provide the primary and secondary sources needed for your project. 

  • Primary sources are original records that do not contain any outside interpretation. Some examples of primary sources that can be found in the Marian Library are manuscripts, diaries, letters, oral histories and original photographs.
  • Secondary sources, such as articles in scholarly journals and periodicals, provide an analysis, interpretation or evaluation of a primary source.

Search the Marian Library catalog as well as websites and repositories. Learn more about our collections and how to access them.

Librarians are here for you, just ask!

Submit your research questions to our librarians by emailing or using the online Ask a Librarian form. You may also visit during normal business hours or make an appointment with one of our librarians through the Book a Librarian form.

Instruction and Class Offerings

Marian Library faculty join forces with faculty from across University Libraries to offer instruction throughout the academic year. Our librarians have assisted with courses such as Vocation and the Arts, Images of Medieval Women in Literature, Narratives of Medicine, Early Medieval Europe, Social History of the Middle Ages, Music of Christmas, Faith Traditions: Beliefs in Dialogue, Exploring Art and Faith, History of Graphic Design, Introduction to Photography and several more.

"I have learned that our library is more than a place with books and somewhere to study. It has many beautiful and meaningful collections. I also am interested in taking a mini-course through the library now to learn more."

1-credit hour courses
UDI 204: This is UD: Archival and Primary Source Research

Students will complete hands-on research and connect to the past campus and community by analyzing the University Libraries collections and by researching individual artifacts. (Check course catalog.)

UDI 263: Medicine and Miracles: Mary at the Intersection of Faith and Healing

Historically, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been linked with stories of miracles and medical cures. From the baths at Lourdes, France, to prayers to end the coronavirus, people throughout history and across the globe have appealed to Mary for intercession in times of illness. In this mini-course, students will critically analyze a variety of primary sources from the Marian Library’s collections related to healing, miracles and other unexplained phenomena. (Check course catalog.)

Exhibits, Events and Programming

Look for Marian Library sponsored events and programming opportunities throughout the academic year. Many of these opportunities will coincide with our exhibits. Any AVIATE programs that we may offer will be listed in 1850

“This program was my first introduction to the Marian Library. It showed me, rather than telling me, the work that is done to preserve and share the connections between UD and its religious heritage.” 

Student Life

The Marian Library is always working on new ways to connect with UD students above and beyond research and instruction. If you have a suggestion for programming using our collections, please email us at

"…there are many things that the Marian Library can assist me with. This collection of work can help me not only academically, but also help me in my day-to-day life." 

Faith and Devotion

The Marian Library is central to the University of Dayton’s Catholic and Marianist identity. We welcome student organizations, prayer groups or individuals to interact with collection materials for the purposes of prayer, contemplation and reflection.

Fun and Games with Mary

Sometimes you need to relax and recharge. The Marian Library has created coloring pages, online and printable activities and more. Now you can engage with Marian Library collections just for the fun of it. You can also download specially created zoom and mobile backgrounds.

Enjoy the Activities

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