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Collaboration with and support of University of Dayton teaching faculty is a fundamental charge of the Marian Library. We are here for you. We are here for your students.

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Research Assistance

The Marian Library is filled with primary and secondary sources to support your academic research. We are also available to assist your students – across disciplines – with research needs. 

Search the Marian Library catalog as well as websites and repositories. Learn more about our collections and how to access them.

Email or use the online form to submit your research questions to our librarians. You may also visit during normal business hours or make an appointment with one of our librarians.

Class Instruction Sessions

Building a class visit or assignment around archival materials, art or rare books can help achieve a variety of learning outcomes. Librarians work with teaching faculty from across all disciplines to supplement classroom work with opportunities to develop primary source literacy and a broad range of other learning goals. Classes at all levels, from introductory to advanced, are welcome in the Marian Library. For insight on how Marian Library materials can be incorporated into your syllabus, see Instruction with Marian Library Collections. Browse Marian Library collections in eCommons to discover the many possibilities for virtual instruction with special collections.

The Marian Library is central to the University of Dayton’s Catholic and Marianist identity. We also welcome groups (whether a formal class, a student organization or a prayer group) to interact with collection materials for the purposes of prayer, contemplation and reflection.

Examples of Instruction Sessions

Art exhibit activities: The Marian Library develops physical and virtual exhibits from its collection materials. Library personnel can identify potential exhibit connections to the subjects, themes and learning outcomes of your classes.

Single class session: Offers hands-on experience with rare materials and an introduction to what the Marian Library is and how special collections work; with adequate advance consultation, library personnel can make connections to your syllabus and desired learning outcomes. 

Class session(s) with assignment(s): Provides the opportunity for more thorough curricular integration of research with rare materials, including examination and interpretation of primary source materials selected based on the topics covered in your class. This is an opportunity for students to conduct original research with guidance from library personnel. Students should plan to revisit research materials and may need to make an appointment with a librarian.

Session taught by you: If there are specific items from the collection that you would like to use, library personnel can provide the materials and some basic handling instructions for your class. Please ask if you would like help identifying materials.

Prayer session: We can identify materials appropriate to the liturgical season or to particular themes/iconography for your group to use for prayer and reflection. 

The Marian Library has recently collaborated on instruction for:

  • ASI 357: Vocation and the Arts
  • ENG 333: Images of Medieval Women in Literature
  • ENG 497 Narratives of Medicine
  • ENG 502: Research and Professionalization
  • HST 150: Introduction to the Historian’s Craft
  • HST 305: Early Medieval Europe
  • HST 306: High and Late Medieval Europe
  • HST 366: Religion in Latin America
  • HST 485: Social History of the Middle Ages
  • MUS 365: Music of Christmas
  • REL 103: Introduction to Religious and Theological Studies
  • REL 227: Faith Traditions: Beliefs in Dialogue
  • REL 228: Faith Traditions: Historical Encounters
  • REL 315: The Gospels
  • REL 322: Latino/Latina Religious Experiences
  • REL/VAR 379: Exploring Art and Faith
  • VAH 101: Introduction to Art History
  • VAH 383: History of Graphic Design
  • VAP 101: Introduction to Photography
  • VAR 490: Book Arts
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The Marian Library has found unique ways to help UD professors incorporate collections into hands-on learning experiences for students of all majors.

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Scheduling a Class Visit or Virtual Instruction

Exhibit tours and instruction sessions are essential ways that the Marian Library contributes to student learning at the University of Dayton. Depending on the type of session, it can take considerable time for library personnel to plan and prepare for a class visit. Please make your request for a visit at least two weeks in advance of your desired date, farther in advance if possible. More notice is recommended for classes that will include research projects and follow-up consultations with library personnel. A copy of your class syllabus (drafts are fine) should be included with your request. 

Whether synchronous or asynchronous, Marian Library faculty are prepared to provide virtual access to historical and devotional materials during this time of remote and hybrid learning. A virtual walkthrough, item-level examination, identification of artifacts for research projects — we are ready to accommodate various forms of access for your class.

Please email to start the conversation!

Preparing Your Class for a Visit to the Marian Library

Please share this information with the students in your class ahead of their visit.

  • When working with rare materials, it is important to use pencil only, no pens.  
  • Please store bags, food, beverages and other personal belongings away from the rare materials.
  • Visitors are welcome to bring notebooks, laptop computers, tablets and cell phones. Taking photos for note-taking purposes is encouraged, but no flash photography.

Instruction Support by Liaison Librarians

In addition to support from Marian Library faculty librarians, Roesch Library liaison librarians are also available to help your classes conduct specialized research on many topics and across multiple disciplines. Connect with a subject liaison or request a research session with a Roesch Library librarian. Read more about the University Libraries instruction program.

Attention Academic Advisors

Marian Library faculty join forces with faculty from across University Libraries to offer hands-on mini courses using primary sources from special collections. Consider suggesting these courses to your students.

UDI 204: This is UD: Archival and Primary Source Research

Students will complete hands-on research and connect to the past campus and community by analyzing the University Libraries collections and by researching individual artifacts. (Check course catalog.)

UDI 263: Medicine and Miracles: Mary at the Intersection of Faith and Healing

Historically, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been linked with stories of miracles and medical cures. From the baths at Lourdes, France, to prayers to end the coronavirus, people throughout history and across the globe have appealed to Mary for intercession in times of illness. In this mini-course, students will critically analyze a variety of primary sources from the Marian Library’s collections related to healing, miracles and other unexplained phenomena. (Check course catalog.)


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