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Madeline McDermott

graduate of the University of Dayton honors program

‘A great resource for undergraduate students’

At the end of her first year at the University of Dayton, 2015 honors history graduate Madeline McDermott and a friend went up to the Marian Library to look for some artwork as part of an assignment.

After a short tour of the space, a look at some old holy cards and a conversation with Marian Library archivist and librarian Jillian Slater, McDermott leaned over to her friend and whispered, “This is what I want to do.”

“It's hard for me to choose one thing that interested me the most,” said McDermott, who secured internships in the U.S. Catholic Special Collection and in the University Archives and Special Collections. “I loved the holy card collection, and I'm also fascinated by the different artistic interpretations of Mary. I think it’s so inspiring that Mary is a versatile figure who can be adapted to basically any intercession.”

Unfortunately, she said, the Marian Library’s location places it under the radar for most people on campus, especially undergraduates.

“The Marian Library would be a great resource for undergraduate students doing work for religion classes, art history classes, or I bet even sociology and history classes,” McDermott said. “The librarians and archivists up there know their collections so well and can offer tons of great resources or research ideas.”

McDermott is now working toward two master’s degrees in library and information science and public history as part of a joint program between Dominican University and Loyola University Chicago. She’s a graduate assistant in the archives at Dominican, in charge of a project cataloging all the art on campus.


Marian Library

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1390