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Lines, lines, everywhere lines

Lines, lines, everywhere lines

Larry Burgess May 31, 2023

Shapes are made of lines. Some campus shapes have curved lines, some have corners, others a combination of both. Some of these lines are natural and some are man made. Consider the daisies growing in a flowerbed by Albert Emanuel Hall, or the blue sky with ethereal clouds straight up over Kennedy Union Plaza. Some shapes are repeating, such as in the architecture of a building. Miriam Hall’s western windows are rectangles. So are the pixels in the stock ticker in the lobby there. A set of pastel seats in a row in the basement are elongated cubes. The Foucault pendulum in the Sherman Hall lobby throws a combined shadow of curved and cornered lines, powered by the sun. The rockers in the the Kennedy Union Lobby are mostly curved lines. And if you wanted to chart hemispheric shapes and lines, remember the ornamental stone orbs marking the main staircase of the Frericks Center. Humanities Plaza is a festival of wavy lines of green sod bordered by squared concrete piers. And finally a lawnmower is a regular land roving line drawing machine.

If these boots could talk