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Take a closer look

Take a closer look

Larry Burgess May 19, 2023

As you stroll campus, if you look close enough, you might see everyday things in a way you haven’t before. We’re familiar with our academic buildings on campus, but if you look closer, you’ll see a red-tailed hawk cruising and pinwheeling in the updrafts above them.

Running a big campus takes constant maintenance, and as a result we’re always making improvements somewhere.

Taking a closer look at these common scenes might show us some interesting details, such as a pair of colorful, glowing sunglasses on an equipment operator.

A bed of yellow flowers by St. Joseph Hall looks nice in the shadowy, morning light. But look even closer and you’ll see the blossoms almost look like little crowns.

Finally, if you’re viewing the southeast wall of the Roger Glass Center for the Arts construction site, the tarpaper currently donning the facade looks kind of like the outline of the hull of a ship. Is this foretelling a performance of The Pirates of Penzance here? Anchors away.

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