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Staff April 18, 2023
Student in a UDRI research lab
Students participate in the $193.4 million in research. 

ENGINEERING RESEARCH AT the University of Dayton continues to lead the nation and again helped UD earn top spots on the annual National Science Foundation rankings. 

UD retained its No. 1 ranking among all colleges and universities in the nation for sponsored research and development in materials engineering, which includes creating better batteries, smarter sensors, safer coatings and cleaner combustion technologies, among others. 

UD is No. 3 among all U.S. colleges and universities for sponsored research and development in industrial and manufacturing engineering and No. 8 in the nation for federally sponsored research and development in engineering. 

The most recent National Science Foundation rankings, released in December 2022, are for fiscal year 2021. 

UD improved in these three national categories: manufacturing engineering, from fifth place to third; federally sponsored aerospace engineering, from 12th place to 10th; and overall funding of aerospace engineering, from 18th place to 14th. It also improved six spots to No. 14 nationally for sponsored research and development in engineering, and UD took over the No. 1 spot in Ohio in this category. 

Looking at money coming in, UD ranks No. 8 in total research expenditures among private, four-year U.S. universities without medical schools. In fiscal year 2021, UD’s total research expenditure was $194.8 million, with 96% of research being performed for federal agencies. 

Research happens throughout the University and provides opportunities for students to work alongside faculty and researchers. Fifty-six faculty members and 168 graduate and undergraduate students engaged in sponsored research during this time, complementing the 764 full-time and part-time professional researchers, technicians and administrative staff employed by the University of Dayton Research Institute. The Research Institute will celebrate its 67th anniversary this year. 

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