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Flyer time: 4:02 p.m., UD Arena

Flyer time: 4:02 p.m., UD Arena

Nick Thompson '23 April 20, 2023

More than 13,000 people crowd into the seats, many with popcorn and drinks in hand. The lights go out. Music blares. Strobe lights move swiftly over the crowd as cheers erupt. It’s game day in UD Arena.

Leading jubilation as the men’s basketball team walks onto the court is UD’s student section, Red Scare. Standing front and center are some familiar faces to many Flyer fans — blue faces, to be exact.

Blue people in red, frizzy wigs holding up cell phones with their lights on.


Senior Connor Sweeney is one of several students who paint themselves entirely with blue paint before the game. He’s chair of Red Scare and said he takes great pride in being one of the “blue people.”

“It’s a cool experience to just look around and take all of it in,” he said. “It’s what Dayton is all about.”


Photos by Kennedy Kish '24

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