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Where are you reading?

Where are you reading?

Nick Thompson '23 February 13, 2023

2303_whereareyoureading_incopy3.jpgFlyers Dennis Ainge ’84, Dan Ercolano ’85, Steve Griffin ’85, Bill Hurd ’85 and Jim Setll ’85 reunited for a few rounds of golf in Phoenix this spring and brought along a copy of UD Magazine. 


2303_whereareyoureading_incopy8.jpgCraig Shanske ’82 joined fellow Flyer Shannon Ross- Davis ’98 and his goddaughter, Natalie Davis ’22, to celebrate her 2022 graduation with family, friends and Erma in Santorini, Greece. 




2303_whereareyoureading_incopy7.jpgClass of 1993 alumnae Stephanie Coughlin O’Neal, Lisa Euliano Agresti, Kimberly Dornbusch DiFrisco, Jean Taubner Formato, Heather Stack Goodrum, Heather Habansky Wochner and Heather Westfall Hayes traveled to Naples, Florida, to celebrate their 50th birthdays this year. 



2303_whereareyoureading_incopy9.jpgFormer roommates Kathleen C. Daly ’68 and Patricia Barbour White ’68 reunited on a cruise to Europe this spring. They stopped to pose with UD Magazine in Amsterdam. 






2303_whereareyoureading_incopy.jpgRay Bernadzikowski ’92, Sean Toomey ’92, Rick Eckoff ’93, Joe Dote ’93, Al Byington ’92 and Mike Malandra ’93 reunited in St. Andrews, Scotland, in May to celebrate their 50th birthdays. They enjoyed a week of golf, beer and fun. 

2303_whereareyoureading_incopy2.jpgIn April, Celine Farrell Muir ’87 and Greg Muir ’90 took a family trip with their children, John Muir ’13 and Taylor Muir, to Angels Landing in Zion National Park. 



2303_whereareyoureading_incopy6.jpgBob Gaughan ’68 and Mary Lynn Jackson Gaughan ’68, along with daughter Kelly Gaughan Neumeier ’92 and her husband, Mike, enjoy UD Magazine inside Dromoland Castle while visiting County Clare, Ireland. 


2303_whereareyoureading_incopy5.jpgWhile exploring the Templo de Quetzalcóatl in Teotihuacán, Mexico, Jessica Mullen ’97 found a quiet spot to snap a photo with UD Magazine. 







2303_whereareyoureading_incopy4.jpgThis summer, Kate Harold ’94 and Mike Bonomo ’94 and their children visited Hopkins, Belize, where they enjoyed gorgeous scenery, friendly people and delicious food. 




Where are you reading University of Dayton Magazine? Send us your photo to magazine@udayton.edu. 

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