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Read. See. Hear.

Read. See. Hear.

Nicole L. Craw February 22, 2023


"One Heart with Courage" book coverOne Heart with Courage 
Teri Rizvi ’90 

Teri Rizvi ’90 has published a collection of essays and stories, One Heart with Courage. The book explores universal themes of friendship, family and faith with vulnerability, hope and poignancy. A journalist and storyteller who has traveled widely, Rizvi writes about her marriage, which spans two cultures and two religions in a world that’s too often divided. Her lyrical writings illuminate our shared humanity through a series of small, everyday moments — a child’s T-ball practice, a socially distanced parking lot lunch with a friend — as well as recollections of major life milestones such as joyful weddings in foreign lands. Rizvi brings a powerful voice to this collection of essays that shows why our dreams matter and what can happen when you open your heart. All proceeds will benefit the University of Dayton’s Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop endowment. 

"Break in the Chain — Intelligence Ignored" book coverBreak in the Chain – Intelligence Ignored 
Walter R. Baker ’09 

What can happen in war when vital information is ignored? This book by Army veteran Walter R. Baker ’09 details the Vietnam War’s infamous Easter Offensive in 1972 and the blunders that occurred because of reluctance to utilize important information from the 571st Military Intelligence Detachment. Could the outcome have been different? Baker ponders this question in this part memoir, part research analysis, on the role intelligence played in the battle and how the U.S. Army used it. 

"What Remains of Love" book cover.What Remains of Love 
Suzanne Trauth ’71 

In her most recent novel, playwright, screenwriter and novelist Suzanne Trauth ’71 tells the story of Kate, a divorced French professor. Upon her father’s death, his will reveals an affair he had during World War II with a French artist, Emilie, to whom he has left a substantial bequest. Kate becomes determined to unravel the mystery of her father’s past and unearth the truth. She embarks on a journey to the south of France to reconcile the past and confront her own demons, as well as the legacy of her father’s wartime love affair and the price he paid to live an honorable life. Will her life be changed forever?


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