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Foster change

Foster change

Adam Vicarel '11 February 24, 2023

The past few years have been difficult for many across the globe. This public mural was created in collaboration with artist Becca Reitz as a reminder of the imperative need to foster change. We as a global community need to put in the time to improve our own circumstances. We need to work on ourselves, work with each other and do work in the world at large. “Foster Change” was created to encourage passersby to go inward and find time for introspection and self-reflection. Self-awareness can be leveraged as a resource to not only manage but catalyze positive change amid what may sometimes feel like our deteriorating global circumstances. Fostering change in yourself is the impetus for fostering change around the world.

Instagram: @adamvicarel 

Photograph by Lindsey Boluyt Photography

Heresy in Ohio