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Flyer Time: 3:32 p.m., the Hangar

Flyer Time: 3:32 p.m., the Hangar

Nicole L. Craw February 09, 2023

She’s up. Cynthia Payne, assistant dean for student success for the College of Arts and Sciences, brings a 10-pound red bowling ball to her chest and adjusts her stance. She swings and releases it just past the foul line. It rolls down the middle of the lane that sparkles from a fresh wax. It hits the pins. A sharp “crack!” echoes. Strike. Payne jumps up and down. She was playing with a group of alumni including Khameron Wilcox ’19, who challenged her to a game in the Hangar as a rematch to a game Payne won. Wilcox wanted to try again. “To hear about their successes in life as alumni is incredibly fulfilling,” Payne said. “But it can’t hurt to show him I’m still a better bowler.” Payne is currently 3-0. 

Photograph by Kennedy Kish '24

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