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Fitness is key

Fitness is key

Zeakia Jordan '24 February 06, 2023

Thirty minutes of exercise a day is easy with the PATH to 30 program. Throughout fall semester, students have flocked to RecPlex to improve their well-being and mental health with 30 minutes of exercise at least four days a week. They also have an incentive: participation equals points toward their housing choice for next year. Created in 2016, the program offers students activities along four themes: wellbeing, physical fitness, mindfulness and building relationships. PATH to 30 encourages students to participate while creating awareness about the mental and physical benefits of exercise. Students also learn how exercise can initiate behavioral change as part of their daily schedules. Brenna Glance, a junior marketing major, said the program holds her accountable to stay active, “even if I am too busy.” She was one of the more than 1,600 students who completed at least one week of the program by mid-October. 


Photograph by Kennedy Kish '24

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