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Red Scare 101

Red Scare 101

Kennedy Kish '24 February 01, 2023

Ever wonder who those people decked out in blue paint and flight crew outfits at the front row of UD sporting events are? If so, you've come to the right place. 

Red Scare student in a red wig sits among a sea of Dayton Flyer fansThose extra passionate Flyer fans are a part of the Red Scare organization on campus. Their goal is to bring the energy and support needed to carry whatever team they're cheering on to victory. Although they’re best known for their presence at men’s basketball games, you can find the Red Scare at the home games for other UD varsity teams, such as volleyball and soccer. 

At basketball games, members of the organization have designated days that they paint themselves blue and dress up as flight crew to look the part of Flyer superfans. These special members are easily spotted at the front of the student section, whether you're watching the game from the UD Arena or your TV. 

The Red Scare brings loads of energy to the games and it rubs off on everyone in attendance, including the players. Keep an eye out for them at the next game you watch!