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Hitting the books

Hitting the books

Kennedy Kish '24 February 07, 2023

On a campus as fun as UD, it can be easy to forget that academics have to be a priority. Luckily for students, there are plenty of unique places to study, work on assignments, and get together with group project members.

The obvious first option is Roesch Library. There's a place for anyone here, whether you work best with a little background noise or total silence. The library's floors have designated noise levels so students can set up shop wherever they focus best. The first and second floors are conversational floors where you can speak as loudly as you want. Here, you will find huddle rooms ideal for group work or studying with friends. These rooms can be reserved online ahead of time, but are also open to anyone if they aren't already booked. Printers, vending machines, whiteboards, microwaves and dual-monitor computers are among the many amenities here.

As you make your way to higher floors in Roesch, you will find seemingly endless rows of books that students can check out. There are also small study rooms available, more huddle rooms and large tables for discussion.

Students can satisfy their need for caffeine at The Blend, located on the ground floor of Roesch. There are tables nearby to study while sipping on some coffee. If the Blend or the library isn't your style, you can try another campus coffeehouse, Heritage.

Heritage is just a short walk from Roesch, right next to Kennedy Union. Students can order a coffee and pastry and work in a beautiful, naturally-lit cafe with good music.

Flyers have almost too many great options for study spots to list here, but these are two of the most common places you'll find students hitting the books.