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Knight in shining armor

Knight in shining armor

Wayne Baker January 10, 2023

The country has been watching the progress and recovery of Damar Hamlin, the player for the Buffalo Bills who collapsed Monday, Jan. 2, at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati in a game versus the Bengals. Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest after a tackle and was saved by the quick actions of the first responders and athletic training staff on the field, and the actions of the health care providers that are part of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center team.

Headshot of Dr. William Knight IV
Dr. William Knight IV '99

At this past Sunday’s Bengals game, the UC Medical Center’s health care providers, who were part of the on-field response in support of Hamlin, were recognized in an on-field ceremony prior to the singing of the national anthem. The care team at the UC Medical Center were also honored.

That team includes Flyer Dr. William Knight IV, who earned his undergraduate degree in biology and psychology in 1999. His wife is Ann Poirier Knight ’99, also a UD grad.

While Knight was not on the field when Hamlin collapsed, he is one of the physicians who was caring for Hamlin in the hospital this past week. UC Medical Center announced Tuesday that Hamlin was released from their care and returned home to Buffalo.

With respect to the patient's privacy, Knight said he could not discuss his involvement with Hamlin. But he did say that being part of the UC care team and a proud Flyer is special.

“As a UD grad, I am humbled,” Knight said.

“As a UD grad, I am humbled.”

Knight was part of a press conference held Monday announcing that Hamlin was released from the hospital and has returned home safely to Buffalo. 

The UC Medical Center is part of the NFL Emergency Action Plan at home NFL games in Cincinnati, representing the 30-person on-field medical team at all games. Knight leads that team.

The UC Medical Center is the region’s only verified adult Level I trauma center. In 2022, the University of Cincinnati Medical Center celebrated 25 years as a verified Level I trauma center.

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