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Flyer ever after

Flyer ever after

Tori Miller `23 January 25, 2023

To say first-year student Will Haskins has UD in his blood would be an understatement. Haskins would not be alive today if it weren’t for UD, quite literally.

Just a few weeks into his first year of college, Haskins was getting acquainted with classes, routines and new friends. But his Flyer roots are always in the back of his mind, especially when he thinks about dating.

Will Haskins `26
Will Haskins `26

Haskins’ great grandparents (Jerome Westendorf ’43 and Pauline Zink Westendorf ’43), grandparents (William Hirt ’69 and Ann Westendorf Hirt ’69) and parents (Randall Haskins ’96 and Jennifer Hirt Haskins ’96) all met on UD’s campus as students and got married. Growing up with stories and memories from these happy Flyer couples, he often feels destined to carry on the family tradition.

"To have four generations of Flyers would be really cool," Haskins said. "It would make for a great story to tell someday."

Haskins sometimes feels pressure to find a girlfriend at UD, but he keeps an open mind about meeting people and going with the flow of college life.

He said he is currently dating someone he knows from high school. While she has not made an official college decision, Haskins encourages her to attend UD alongside him.

His recruitment tactics include wistful walks with her near Serenity Pines and discussions about the great campus atmosphere. Understanding that it ’s ultimately her choice, he hopes to convince her to choose UD so she can be a part of his college story.

"College is a good time to meet people and be with them for the rest of your life," Haskins said. "It’s a chance to make good memories and long-lasting relationships."

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