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Signs everywhere

Signs everywhere

Shravanth Reddy Reddy '24 November 16, 2022

We see signage every single day – they’re an essential part of our everyday lives. You might not really notice them unless you're looking for them, as I did this week. Drive down the street and you’ll be confronted with road signs. Health and safety signs are scattered throughout the University. And sometimes you might notice a different kind of sign ... from a higher power.

Signs have been a fundamental element in trade and have been around since human beings first began expressing themselves by drawing in caves. The word "sign" signifies a mark or token and is derived from the ancient Latin signum. The Romans introduced the first road sign system to indicate distances and directions. The invention of automobiles increased the significance of road signs for ensuring public safety. Fast-forward to today, with the aid of technology, we have made enormous strides in all facets of life, including signage.

From the first highway systems of the Romans to today’s highly populated inner-city streets, road signs play just as significant a role in our daily lives now as they did 100 years ago.

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