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My favorite place

My favorite place

Mary Kate Newman '23 September 22, 2022

Students have been back on the University of Dayton campus for one month since the start of classes, they're settling in for the semester. We set out to find out about some of their favorite places on campus.

Here is what they said:

T.J. Nicholson ’23

Computer science
Nashville, Tennessee

“My favorite place, just to chill, is probably the top of Stuart Hill, looking out over the sunset. But to work, it would probably be the computer science building, Hathcock Hall. The workspace in there with the boards and the TVs is literally the perfect place to study. I spend most of my time working in there.”

Ava Villamagna ’26

Civil engineering
Cincinnati, Ohio

“My favorite place is the library. I spend too much money on the coffee there.”



Andrea Hernandez ’23

Mechanical engineering

“My favorite place is MEC , the Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center. It’s located in Alumni Hall. I go there to socialize with my friends but also meet with other organizations on campus. It’s a great place to study, lay back, get into some good conversations because literally any type of topic comes up during the day and there are always people there. The faculty and staff are great, too.”

Clark Mitchell ’23

Mechanical engineering technology

“I think that I would say my favorite place to just chill on campus is this grass area right in front of KU and in between Marycrest. I can come out here, lay down and chill or whatnot. There’s a lot of benches. My favorite place to study has got to be the library because it’s quiet and there are plenty of places to go, and you can get study rooms, so that’s great.”

Bridget Rasure ’23

Chesterfield, Missouri

“My favorite place on campus is the top of Stuart Hill, especially during the sunsets.”

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