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Just what ‘Doc’ ordered

Just what ‘Doc’ ordered

Tori Miller '23 September 27, 2022

Nearly every college student can name one teacher who inspired them to pursue higher education. For those who attended Sacred Heart Griffin High School in Springfield, Illinois, the name is William Moredock, lovingly known as “Doc.”

Headshot of Doc
William "Doc" Moredock

Moredock was a guidance counselor at Sacred Heart Griffin and says he’s one of UD’s most enthusiastic advocates. Moredock reps Dayton gear and tells families that UD is a wonderful school. His son, Gregory Moredock, graduated from UD in 2010 with a degree in business.

Moredock has left a lasting impression on students pursuing a college education. 

“He is just one of the greatest high school educators and workers I had ever interacted with,” said Maitlan Sullivan ’16, a former student of Doc’s.

Sullivan said she considered Dayton because of his guidance. 

“Doc can make anyone feel like they’re standing on a porch on a beautiful Welcome Weekend on campus,” she said. “That’s how it feels anytime you talk to him.”

As an undergraduate, Sullivan worked in the Center for Student Involvement for four years, then after graduating with her degree in education and allied studies she transitioned to assistant director of Kennedy Union for a few years.

Her connection to UD remains strong. She volunteers through the UD Alumni Association and assists with donations to help offices and organizations on campus. 

Moredock knew Sullivan was involved in leadership programs at Sacred Heart Griffin and that she could build on those interests at Dayton. Sullivan joked that if there's a Flyer from Springfield, there's a 95% chance they went to Sacred Heart Griffin and have a connection to Moredock.

Moredock is also responsible for Sullivan’s two older sisters (Madison Sullivan ’12 and MacKenize Sullivan ’13) and family friends, Morgan Metz Moriarty ’11 and senior Max Hartwig, attending UD.

“It’s the way that he carries himself because you can tell that he is genuinely impacted by the values of UD,” Sullivan said. “That Marianist value of bringing everyone to the table and being in community is just how he lives his life.”

“That Marianist value of bringing everyone to the table and being in community is just how he lives his life.”

Sacred Heart Griffin students have created an instant connection and feeing of belonging on campus, Sullivan said. Through these established relationships, they’ve encouraged one another to pursue jobs in the Center for Student Involvement — a campus job that has employed multiple generations of Sacred Heart Griffin students and has acted as a connection to home. 

Hartwig, a senior pre-dentistry major from Sacred Heart Griffin, is currently a receptionist at the center. He said he has benefited from having already established connections coming into college. 

“Having these connections at UD helped me easily transition to college and immediately take an active role on campus,” Hartwig said. 

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