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What's the delay?

What's the delay?

Larry Burgess August 05, 2022

These days, when things don’t go as quickly as we’d like, we may ask, “What’s the delay?”

For example: a traffic light that stays red “too” long, or the lunch line that seems slow when you’re “starving.”

Maybe a dog on a walk looks back at its owner as if to say, “Why so slow?” Or the hands on the Miriam Hall clock, moving too slowly for our liking, upon second glance become two arms thrown up in frustration as if asking, “When will this hot weather stop?” You are hurrying to find transportation on the same day The Flyer bus route display is upside down, leaving you to wonder, your head tilting ever sideways, "Will I be late?" How about a squirrel who looks to be asking, “Ok, where’s my snack?” And finally, the feeder at the card services office has a bird second in line, impatiently wondering, “Am I next?’

Sure, time is precious, but if you go faster you still end up waiting for something.


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