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Read. See. Hear.

Read. See. Hear.

Taryn Mitchell '25 September 19, 2022

Book cover: Just Breathe

Just Breathe
By Cristina Santiago Loza ’16

Cristina Santiago Loza ’16 recently released her first children’s book, Just Breathe, about a little girl named Luna, a child with anxiety. Luna is about to enter fourth grade and is very nervous. Her mother takes her to a therapist, Tere, who teaches Luna how to cope with her anxiety through breathing exercises. Just Breathe shows children that anxiety is normal and there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Through her book, Loza said she tries to destigmatize mental illness and teach kids not to be ashamed of anxiety. 

Podcast cover: Success Wave

Success Wave
Patrick Perry ’79

How can one have it all — family, career and monetary success? Patrick Perry ’79, a businessman with a career spanning 40 years, is the host of the Success Wave podcast. He shares weekly insights and tips on how to become truly successful at home and at work. Perry writes a business column for The News-Herald newspaper and Community Leader magazine, both in the Cleveland area, and is the author of two books. Success Wave, Perry said, is his way to share his practical ideas to enhance life and find success. 

Book cover: Whereabouts Unknown

Whereabouts Unknown
By Meredith Doench ’03

In her latest thriller, UD English lecturer Meredith Doench ’03 tells the story of Theodora “Theo” Madsen, a homicide detective with the Dayton Police Department. Madsen’s life is finally going right, as she and her partner are expecting their first baby. But when two girls go missing, Theo has to work around the clock to find them, suffering a sidelining injury in the process. Pushing through it, Theo has to trust her instincts — and her new partner — in order to save the two girls before it’s too late. In this, her fourth novel, Doench takes the reader through twists and turns, never revealing what will happen next. 

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