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Flyer flashback

Flyer flashback

Staff September 16, 2022

Reunion Weekend 2022 attendees reminisce about what made their time at University of Dayton so special.

UD Memories

Headshot of Tom Loughran
Tom Loughran ’77

“My favorite memory of UD is the upset of Notre Dame in 1974.
—Tom Loughran ’77

“I met my wife at Kennedy Union. She was sitting on the floor next to the wall with a friend of my brother’s, and he introduced us. And it was just sheer chance. I never saw him again, because he fled to Canada the next week to escape the draft.”
—Edward Stang ’71

“… the beer truck coming out in the middle of campus, unloading kegs, serving free beer to all the students so they wouldn’t raise hell elsewhere on campus.”
—Tom Blackburn ’71, on the 1968 NIT Championship 

Headshot of Veronica Norris
Veronica Norris'92

“The campus has changed a little bit in 30 years.”
—Veronica Norris ’92

“It’s all the friendships we made here. We’ve remained friends for 35 years.
—Jennifer Johnson ’87

Headshot of Russell Dillmore
Russell Dillmore '17

“Favorite class memory was 2014 after we beat good ole Syracuse … seeing Dr. Dan driving down the street of party-goers and deciding to crowd surf.”
—Russell Dillmore ’17, remembering when men's basketball moved on to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament

My favorite memory would have to be all the parties on Lowes, especially Lowes Fest.
—Aimee Vogt ’02, member of the Class of 2002 Reunion Committee 

More than community

We asked Reunion attendees to describe UD in three words, without saying “community.” This is what they said:

Headshot of Tori West
Tori West '87

“Friends, family and lifelong memories.” —Tori West ’87

“Joy, growth and family.” —Liz Todia ’17

“We think of friends. And we think of service and the Marianists.” —Sandy Freeland Lekan ’75 and Regis Lekan ’71

“Lifetime. Fun. Friends.” —Andrew Bautista ’92

“Intense. Memorable. Friendships.” —Pat Dignam Azar ’72, Carolyn Milillo ’72, Ann Meidt D’Agostino ’72, Maureen Cunningham Herwood ’72

“Expanding. Academic. Welcoming.” —Mike McGrath ’72

“UD basketball, baby!” ­—Cooper Harris ’17

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