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Building God's kingdom

Building God's kingdom

Shannon Shelton Miller September 09, 2022

Crystal Caruana Sullivan, executive director of Campus Ministry, was named the 2022 recipient of the Forsyth Award, one of the highest honors in Catholic campus ministry. 

Sullivan received the award at the Catholic Campus Ministry Association annual conference. The Forsyth Award recognizes leadership on the local and national level, and Sullivan was honored for her work to enhance the faith community at UD and her support for campus ministries across the nation. 

Crystal Caruana Sullivan
Crystal Caruana Sullivan

“As campus ministers, we have a front-row seat to witness God’s grace and to accompany others as they discover God’s active presence in their lives and in our communities,” Sullivan said. “This award affirms my vocation and my conviction to be a steward who lives, breathes and celebrates the breadth and depth of our Catholic tradition on campus.” 

This is the second major award Sullivan has received this year. In February, Sullivan won the University’s Lackner Award, given annually to honor two lay employees who have made a significant contribution to the University’s Catholic and Marianist character. 

Sullivan became the first woman and first lay person to lead UD’s Campus Ministry when she became executive director in 2011.  

“As pastoral ministers, we’re part of building God’s kingdom on campus by teaching and supporting students as they live their faith on a daily basis,” Sullivan said.

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