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Back at the farmers’ market

Back at the farmers’ market

Nick Thompson '23 August 24, 2022

With no clouds in sight and a slight breeze sweeping across the Central Mall in front of Kennedy Union, the first Flyer Farmers’ Market of the year was filled with the sounds of cicadas and conversations amongst vendors and students Tuesday, Aug. 23.

Krista Arthur, proprietor of Little Miami Farms, said she was thrilled to return to the market as a vendor for its second year.

“I was not only surprised but flabbergasted at how many of the students were wanting fresh, local produce and how many of them just love to cook,” she said. “It’ll be really exciting to see all the new faces this year.”

She said she was surprised by how knowledgeable some of the students are about preparing food and cooking for themselves.

“One of the students actually schooled me on how to cook potatoes,” Arthur said

Kate Rivers ’08, owner of Twist Cupcakery, another vendor at the market, said she’s encouraged by the market and how it connects students to the community of businesses outside of campus.

“The University didn’t have this when I went here,” Rivers said. “I think it’s great they’re doing it now.”

Rivers said being on campus among the students, faculty and staff helps her feel more of a connection to her alma mater. 

As for current students on campus, like Leah Dalton ’24, it's the affordability and variety at the market that keeps her coming back, she said.

“All of it is pretty affordable, and there are many different options and vendors that you can go to,” she said. “I always go to Little Miami [Farms]. They’re affordable and I love the different produce they have.”

Katherine Mazzella ’22 said that the accessibility of the market is important. “For a first-year student who may not have a car to go to the grocery store, it provides them with accessibility to fresh produce,” she said.

Having the market in the middle of campus each week is a statement to the student body, Mazzella said. “[It] shows that the University cares … that they’re listening to what the students want.”

The Flyer Farmers’ Market will be back every Tuesday through Nov. 1 from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. for the campus community.

Here is a list of current vendors:

Big Axe Spice

Bike Miami Valley 

Blue Bus Coffee Roasters 

Foxhole Farm 

I Heart Ice Cream 

Little Miami Farms

Maria's Unique Foods

Mission of Mary

Pink Moon Goods

Rudy on the Run

Rudy's Runway

Stillwater Valley Orchard and Apiary

Thee Hottie Shop

Tom's Garden

Twist Cupcakery

For more information on the Flyer Farmers' Market, visit their website or contact flyerfarmersmarket@udayton.edu. 


photos by Larry Burgess

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