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The bus to Flyer flavortown

The bus to Flyer flavortown

Jeaneen Parsons August 03, 2022
A map of the Flyer bus route
The Flyer bus route

The Flyer bus, operated by the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority, ferries Flyers and the public from campus to downtown Dayton and back again. It might be to class at the Hub in the Arcade or to experience the entertainment in the Oregon District. It will also take you to businesses owned and operated by Flyers who’ve made Dayton the cornerstone of their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Satisfy your hunger at Fusian sushi restaurant or stroll two doors down for some juicy fried chicken tenders at Hunny Bee’s. Ride a little farther on the route to Warped Wing Brewing Co. and wet your whistle with a pint of Ermal’s Belgian Style Cream Ale (named in honor of Dayton resident Ermal Fraze who invented the pull-tab can in 1959). Top off your trip with a little something sweet at Twist Cupcakery for some buttercream-topped perfection.

These businesses were among those visited by attendees during Reunion Weekend 2022 during a new family-friendly event called Fly Around Dayton.

Flyer-owned businesses are flourishing throughout downtown. And while there may be no such thing as a free lunch, there is a free ride to take you there — and back again.

Click below for a video interview with a Flyer entrepreneur.

Twist Cupcakery

25 S. St. Clair St.
Kate Caldwell-Rivers ’08

Warped Wing Brewing Co.

26 Wyandot St.
Nick Bowman ’02

Hunny Bee’s

1200 Brown St., Suite 100
Carly Hensley ’11


1200 Brown St., Suite 125
Stephan Harman ’08

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