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Miles of smiles

Miles of smiles

Tori Miller '23 July 11, 2022

For Ben Godfrey ’22, dreams really do come true. Godfrey’s dream? Earning the official title of Hotdogger.

Over the next year, Godfrey, a finance graduate, will be driving the famous Oscar Mayer Wienermobile across the country as a traveling spokesperson — AKA an official Hotdogger.

“I am really looking forward to making the world smile,” said Godfrey. “What better way to do that than by driving a 27-foot long hot dog?”

Ben stands in front of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile
Ben Godfrey '22

You could say the Wienermobile is in his blood. 30 years ago, his uncle held the same position, and Godfrey is proud to uphold the family tradition. From a young age, Godfrey dreamed of living nomadically and taking in all the world has to offer. With this new self-described “bun-believable” position, he can carry out his passions of traveling, exploring and meeting new people along the way. 

On June 5, Ben flew to Madison, Wisconsin, to attend Hot Dog High — Oscar Mayer’s formal training program — before hitting the road. For the next 48 weeks, the Wienermobile will be on the move across the United States. Traveling from city to city, Godfrey is projected to visit more than 20 states during this experience.

Upon first glance, the Wienermobile’s appearance can be deceiving.

You could say the Wienermobile is in his blood.

“We don’t sell hot dogs out of the vehicle,” said Godfrey. “But we give out wiener whistles! We just go around taking photos and encouraging people to take life less seriously.”

Ben poses in front of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.
Ben Godfrey '22

Acting as a PR firm on wheels, the Wienermobile accompanies Hotdoggers during what they call “meat and greet” events hosted by Oscar Mayer. The vehicle is parked outside of grocery stores, parades and festivals while the Hotdoggers work their charm to promote products and share smiles with the community.

Growing up with a family that loves traveling has prepared Godfrey for his new job. He said he is looking forward to people waving at the Wienermobile as it drives by and sharing his stories with friendly faces. With the goal of enjoying life’s moments, Godfrey said he hopes the Wienermobile will inspire fans to bask in the small things in life. 

“We encourage people to not take life too seriously and to keep it Oscar,” said Godfrey.

To track the Wienermobile’s location and Ben’s journey as a Hotdogger, follow his official Instagram account, @om_bennybuns.

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