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Living out the five pillars

Living out the five pillars

Tori Miller '23 July 19, 2022

Every spring, the University of Dayton holds a mission-focused staff retreat for faculty and staff at the Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning at Mount Saint John near Dayton. The retreat seeks to help UD employees deepen their understanding of, and commitment to, the Catholic, Marianist mission of UD.

The 3D pillar sits on a table.
The 3D model shows the five pillars of Marianist charism.


In May, the retreat focused on the five pillars of Marianist charism — faith, Mary, community, mission and inclusivity. Faculty and staff gathered in teams to creatively demonstrate how University employees apply Marianists charisms in their daily work.

The University of Dayton Research Institute team crafted a 3D five-pillar model. Senior program manager for UDRI Paul Goodling commissioned senior mechanical engineering major Austin Fuchs to design the model.

“Austin took the idea and expanded it with an incredible design in the form that showcases the five pillars along with the UD and UDRI logos demonstrating how they fit together,” said Goodling.

The 3D model included five interconnecting pieces with each reflecting one of the five charisms, or gifts to be used to for the building up of the Church. For the Marianists, the charisms embody a culture — the Marianist Family — where faith is celebrated and good work is done. 

Goodling said that Fuchs’ design highlighted UDRI’s capabilities around additive manufacturing while integrating the Marianist charisms and its pillars.

“These values are critical to the culture in our workplace and our ability to build community.”

“These values are critical to the culture in our workplace and our ability to build community,” he said.

Last year, the University launched the Forever Marianist initiative, a UD fundraising effort that focuses on continued education of future generations in the Marianist tradition and the advancing of Marianist values.

Kimberly Longo, executive director of major gifts with the DIvision of University Advancement, attended the retreat and said she was inspired by the UDRI team project. She saw it representing the core values of both the Forever Marianist initiative and the University. 

“I’ve always been extremely impressed with the University’s culture,” said Longo. “It encourages individuals of all faiths and backgrounds to come together around these shared values and move forward in a meaningful way.

“When you are talking about UD, ... these are the core values of our institution.”

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