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Survey says?

Survey says?

Nicole L. Craw May 16, 2022

Continuous improvement is something that Flyers are constantly striving for, and the staff of University of Dayton Magazine is no different. Each year, our staff conducts a survey to help us evaluate how our readers view the magazine and what they’d like to see in its pages. We sent this year’s survey to a random sampling of nearly 10% of our subscribers and received nearly 500

Readers told us the magazine is well read and serves as a primary resource of University information for 73% of readers; second is UD’s e-newsletter.

Readers also say the magazine helps build UD’s reputation (77%), highlight UD’s mission (76%) and strengthen the reader’s personal connection to UD (74%) through stories of lifelong learning, leadership and service. The top magazine story from 2021 was “A Complete Miracle” by Tom Archdeacon ’72.

Readers said the magazine needs to provide them with more multimedia extras, like photo slideshows and video. Most readers do not follow the magazine on Twitter @daymag, something we’ll also work on.

Thanks to all respondents for their participation. We invite readers to stay connected to UD through our magazine website at udayton.edu/magazine. We also welcome story ideas, class notes and letters anytime at magazine@udayton.edu.


How do you prefer to read UD Magazine?
Print issue: 71%
Digital issue: 18%
Stories online: 4%

More than half of those surveyed would like to receive 4 printed issues per year.

86% of readers find UD Magazine’s online stories either through the UD e-newsletter or social media.

In the print magazine, what section do you turn to first? 
#1: Features
#2: Class Notes
#3: Alumni news


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