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Pop-up Opera

Pop-up Opera

Kassidy Lammers '24 March 09, 2022
Student ion KU performing a pop-up opera.
Pop-up performance of Through the Looking Glass, and What You Found There.


Like a medieval troupe of actors, University of Dayton students took the show on the road fall semester with a series of pop-up performances of Through the Looking Glass, and What You Found There, a collaboration between the Department of Music and the Theatre, Dance and Performance Technology Program in a musical and opera workshop class. “Pop-up performances can feel quite challenging because you never know who you are going to get as an audience,” said Darian Watson, a theater major from Tipp City, Ohio, who portrayed the Caterpillar. “Although this can make it hard to plan, it also makes it exhilarating when you do succeed.” And succeed they did, as they turned passers-by into interactive audiences in Roesch Library, Raymond L. Fitz Hall, Kennedy Union and the Science Center.  

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