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Read See Hear

Staff December 21, 2021

Not FatherlessNot Fatherless: A Biblical Study in Christian Fatherhood
Bret Callentine ’92

Psalm 68:5 tells us, “Father of the fatherless … is God in his holy dwelling.” But when one has been the victim of an absent father, it can be difficult to see who God promises to be for them, said Callentine. Having a father as a positive role model in your formative years can make or break your personal relationships, especially when becoming a parent. Being a father is hard. Not Fatherless: A Biblical Study in Christian Fatherhood explores Callentine’s personal journey to find the best examples of fatherhood and use them as a guide to becoming a better father himself. He discovers that while his Earthly father may have abandoned him in his life, his heavenly father never did. 


2112_readseehear_incopy2.jpgThe Dirty Double
Mark A. Kelly ’59

One of six memoirs by Kelly, this book shares the story of the duplex that became the much-loved home during Kelly’s third year of what he calls “a four-year education crammed into six years.” The two-story duplex at 4213 Alberta St. (now 431 College Park) got the nickname that titles the book because of the condition of the place, or the guys living there, or the parties they threw (the author lets the reader decide). Kelly charges down memory lane along with a cast of Flyers all majoring in having fun. Kelly went on to marry his UD sweetheart, Donna DeVoe ’59, to whom he dedicates The Dirty Double for waiting patiently to be introduced until book four. 


2112_readseehear_incopy3.jpgSacred Stories
Mike Bennett ’08

This new podcast is the brainchild of Bennett and his colleagues in the University of Dayton Office of Christian Leadership, Vocation and Retreats. The bi-weekly segments, most clocking in at 15 minutes or less, are full of everyday lessons that cause you to slow down, reflect — and, more often than not, feel a sense of peace and gratitude during what’s been a challenging pandemic year. “This initiative emerged as we were dreaming of ways to connect with students through virtual mediums amidst the pandemic,” Bennett said. The podcast welcomes individuals from all faith perspectives to select what they consider to be a sacred text and talk about how they’ve internalized the readings and made them part of their own life stories. 

Read See Hear