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Two generations, one UD house

Two generations, one UD house

Tazh Davis '23 September 29, 2021

Mother and son Flyers share same house, 30 years apart.

No one could have been more excited for a new fall semester than senior Noah Bischoff ’22 and his mom, Elizabeth Galvin Bischoff ’92. The mother-son duo learned their senior-year address would be the same — 222 Stonemill — 30 years apart.  

Last semester, when Noah, now a senior finance major, was scoping out houses, he settled on the landlord-owned property. The fact that it was at 222 Stonemill Rd. was dubbed by the mother-and-son as “an accident on purpose.”

Noah comes from a long line of UD Flyers.

“It’s definitely a full circle that shows you how long these houses have been here,” Noah said. “We get to experience the same thing, and now we have a memory we can talk about. It’s great having this bond.”

Elizabeth Galvin Bischoff ’92 and son Noah '22
Elizabeth Galvin Bischoff ’92 and son Noah Bischoff ’22 in front of 222 Stonemill.


His mom graduated from UD with a bachelor’s degree in education and began her teaching career back home in Chicago until it was time to start her family with husband and fellow Flyer Paul Bischoff ’91.

The idea of her son living in 222 Stonemill fascinates Elizabeth, she said. The house was central to several memories, like throwing parties around the holidays and being a founding member of the women’s rugby team.

“When Noah was looking at schools, we didn’t push him to pick UD. He had a lot of choices,” Elizabeth said. “We were happy that he chose it. We’re excited for his future.”

Through all of the memories, Elizabeth remembers an intense and grateful love for UD’s neighborhood community above all.

“It’s definitely a full circle that shows you how long these houses have been here.”

“Anytime you walked in the neighborhood, you could pretty much go anywhere. Even if you didn't know someone, you were welcomed on their porch,” she said. “It felt like everyone was your friend. It's a great community feel, where you just feel like you belong.”

Noah is carrying on the Galvin-Bischoff legacy that is wide and deep. Other family members who have attended UD include Melissa Bischoff ’93, Lynn Galvin Odell ’83, former basketball managers Bill Galvin ’89 and Tom Galvin ’91, David Galvin ’96, and former Rudy Flyer Gary Galvin ’00.

After graduation, Noah said his short-term goal is to work in the financial industry back in Chicago.

“My long-term [goal] is to keep being involved at Dayton,” he said. “I love this place.”

My old house: 421 Kiefaber St.