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The parking space you've always wanted

The parking space you've always wanted

Michelle Tedford August 25, 2021

On campuses everywhere, there is a mad rush for a good parking space. Senior Erin Santella will have that experience no longer. And President Eric. F Spina will.

Wednesday, the two met for some fun banter and jokes about parking spaces as Spina handed his presidential parking pass to Santella. For the rest of the year, Santella, who is studying community health, will get to park in the president’s parking space adjacent to St. Joseph Hall and the Olsen Athletics Center. Santella said she has many of her classes in St. Joe’s or Fitz Hall, making it “a prime parking spot.” 

Spina handed it over to Santella, and gladly. The parking pass was one of several incentive prizes as part of the Build Immunity in Our Community challenge, UD’s push to get at least 70% of campus vaccinated. UD reached that goal July 8.

Santella uploaded her vaccination card to the University’s self-reporting system and later found out she won the coveted prize. Santella said she didn’t get vaccinated for herself but for others.

“I did it for other people, like my grandparents and my family,” she said. “I also wanted a normal return to campus in the fall.”

But getting the parking space is pretty cool, she admitted.

“It’s so convenient.”

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