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9 of 10 grads report success despite pandemic

9 of 10 grads report success despite pandemic

Shawn Robinson May 04, 2021
Flyers find success after graduation despite the pandemic. They also report increases in the average starting salary for recent grads.

Despite the covid-19 pandemic, nine of every 10 recent University of Dayton grads responding to a career services survey report being employed, pursuing a graduate degree or participating in a service program within six months of graduation. The track record of success shows at least a 90% success rate for the last 10 years of the survey.

graduation 2019 ceremony
photograph by Briana Snyder from 2019 commencement

The success extends to every academic area: for the 10th-straight year, all four undergraduate academic units achieved at least a 90% success rate.

Of the graduates who selected employment as their destination, 95% reported they hold full-time jobs and 96% of them are working in their chosen field or in a job that’s a first step toward a position in their field.

According to the Flyer First Destination Survey, the average starting salary for graduates increased to $52,599 for the Class of 2020 from $52,042 for the Class of 2019, an increase of 1.1%. PayScale indicates graduates with a UD bachelor’s degree earn an average yearly salary of $58,700 early in their careers and $108,400 midway through their careers.

“A characteristic of UD’s Marianist education is educating for change, and graduates definitely have had to learn adaptation and change in the last year,” said Jason Eckert, executive director of career services. “We’ve seen our graduates navigate an uncertain landscape in 2020 with much success.”

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