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Success for all Flyers

Success for all Flyers

Michelle Tedford March 23, 2021
Giving Day — April 14 — focuses on fulfilling student needs.

The success of all Flyers will be foremost April 14 as alumni, faculty, staff, students and parents join together during the University’s annual giving day: One Day, One Dayton.

That means providing for students the aid and resources they need the most. And with so much going online this year — from classes and labs to social and service clubs — that means computers.

girl on campus with laptop
Students rely heavily on technology to stay connected
to classes, clubs and family this academic year.

“When I came to UD, I was using my brother’s old laptop, and it wasn’t fit for the programming I was using for my classes,” said first-year student Odyssey Oehme. “It had some years on it. ... I could barely even get Wi-Fi.”

The University was able to respond quickly and use money from the UD Fund to help students like Oehme get the computers they needed equipped to handle their coursework. The UD Fund is supported through gifts, including those made during UD’s previous giving days.

“They can check them out for a week or two weeks, the entire semester, or even the entire time they’re here, if need be,” said Aaron Witherspoon, director of University advising initiatives and student success.

Through the last year, needs for students have continued to grow, with some having experienced unforeseen circumstances and tragic loss. Student appeals for aid have nearly doubled over the previous year, totaling $2.5 million in additional assistance provided by the University. This is on top of the $2.6 million in one-time federal CARES Act awards provided to students in need.

Student appeals for aid have nearly doubled over the previous year, totaling $2.5 million in additional assistance provided by the University.

The 2021 One Day, One Dayton event is creating virtual and remote opportunities to support UD and share the Flyer love. For example, the annual 5K Run/Walk for Student Success can be completed from anywhere between April 10-14. Participants are encouraged to share their run/walk on social media tagging #1Day1Dayton, and all proceeds go to the UD Fund. Registration deadline is April 6.

Individuals and groups have offered challenges to boost participation and celebrate milestones on the way to the campaign’s goal of 3,700 gifts. Details will be revealed April 14.

In addition to providing computers and emergency assistance, the funds raised from One Dayton, One Dayton will help:

• Students in need of mental health support to deal with the challenges and stress of virtual learning and social distancing.

• Students who want to exercise their bodies as well as their minds through University-organized recreational activities.

• Students with remote learning needs to be helped by their academic departments.

• High school seniors who need access to the scholarships and gap funding to make their dreams of becoming Flyers a reality.

Gifts can benefit the UD Fund or be designated to a particular fund or area of the University, said Miranda Zink, director of annual giving: “Gifts of any size add to the collective impact of One Day, One Dayton for the success of all Flyers.”

For details on all events April 14, visit your.udayton.edu/1d1d.

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