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From software to surfing: An advocate for Dayton

From software to surfing: An advocate for Dayton

Lauren Durham ’22 January 05, 2021

As a sophomore at the University of Dayton, Jorge Sánchez ’06 had an opportunity to venture off campus and into the city of Dayton. He and a group of fellow students visited House of Bread, a nonprofit community kitchen. The field trip brought Marianist ideals to life and changed Sanchez forever.

“It got me into volunteering,” Sánchez said. “I knew that it wasn’t something that I needed to be rewarded for. That portion I took to heart.”

Jorge Sanchez stands with his wife and two daughtersAfter spending four years learning, living and serving the Dayton community, Sánchez decided not to return to his childhood home in Puerto Rico and instead make the city his permanent home. He and his wife, Lucy Siefker Sánchez ’06, have been active Daytonians ever since.

After working for a local contractor for years and completing his master’s degree in 2015, Jorge Sánchez felt the itch for entrepreneurship.

The computer engineering graduate co-founded Mile 2, a custom software development company, a month before the birth of his first child. Sánchez said it was an exciting time.

Currently located at 444 Second St. in downtown Dayton, his business has been growing as has the surrounding downtown community.

Celebrating the company’s fifth anniversary this year, Mile 2 employs more than 100 employees and has outgrown its location for the second time. Sánchez said Mile 2 will be moving soon to another downtown location, The Manhattan Building at 601 E. Third St.

Sánchez said one of his favorite aspects of operating a company in the heart of Dayton is the opportunity he has to introduce clients and associates to the city.

“There’s lots to do downtown,” Sánchez said. “I’ve had a lot of customers that set up a meeting at 3 p.m., go until 4 or 5, have a beer afterwards and then call it good because it’s kind of neat to just hang around the area.”

In his free time, Sánchez is an active member of Surf Dayton — a community of surfers, paddlers and kayakers who utilize the Great Miami River.

He also served as the bike mechanic and director for the nonprofit Bicycles for All. Now Sánchez cycles for fun and makes sure to include UD in his usual route.

“I love going through campus,” Sánchez said. “There is always a little bit of reminiscing and always a lot of, ‘Man, that’s not there anymore … what happened to x and y?’”

Both Jorge and Lucy Sánchez say they remain committed to the University’s learn, lead and serve ethos — both in professional and personal settings.

“Dayton ended up being home, and I’m an advocate for Dayton.”

“In terms of my training and education, I just saw a lot of opportunity here,” Sánchez said. “Dayton ended up being home, and I’m an advocate for Dayton. I love being here and I’m glad I made that decision.”


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