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Humbled hearts

Humbled hearts

Michelle Tedford ’94, Editor December 01, 2020

We create magazines for people exactly like you, but does anyone actually read them?

Every year, with every new reader survey, I am humbled to hear how many of you answer “yes.”

Even more exciting is the feedback you give us: what you want to read, how you want to read it, and how we can do it all better next year.

pages from the magazineThe 2020 University of Dayton Magazine reader survey is now open. We’d be honored if you’d take a few minutes to tell us how we’re doing. Alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and friends — we want to hear from you. There’s even a spot at the end for you to suggest a story on your Founders Hall roommate or the service you’re organizing in your community.

Life is out of whack for us all right now. We hope UD Magazine keeps you connected to the campus community and our alumni around the world. Please know we’re thinking of you all. Stay well and stay safe, Flyers. And thank you for reading, from the bottom of our humbled hearts.