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Michelle Gregg ’21 August 18, 2020

Community partners creating versatile Flyers through the Dayton Newspapers Inc. Scholarship

Local partner the Dayton Daily News provides UD students with valuable resources to receive the best education. For more than 30 years, nearly 200 students have received funding from the Dayton Newspapers Inc. Scholarship. The scholarships, endowed with a gift of $160,000, are awarded to many students each year. “By putting the money toward my tuition, I was able to focus a bit more on opportunities that helped me to grow as both a journalist and individual,” said Emily Biery ’19, a communications fellow with OhanaHealth.

Geographic snapshot of scholarship recipientsStudents coming from 25 majors have had the opportunity to further their learning because of the Dayton Daily News, founded in 1898 after James H. Cox purchased and renamed the Dayton Evening Herald. “While I may not be in the same field I studied, my educational foundation from the University allowed me to find myself in a career where I can apply passion for building relationships and helping the community every day in an intellectually challenging environment,” said Tracie Johnson Jones ’08, an electronic media major who now manages health care IT.

Majors of recipients chartThese versatile Flyers have applied their skills in communications to a variety of fields, with great success. “The scholarship gave me confidence in my writing skills, which transferred into my belief and application of my skills into my communication degree,” said Bridget Garavaglia Rush ’92, a theology teacher in St. Louis. “It made all the difference.”


The lessons I learned at UD inform everything I do as a writer to this day. The Dayton Newspapers Inc. Scholarship gave me access to the best in the business, and I received the hands-on training necessary to write well for newspapers or any other organization.—Julia Goodwin ’93

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