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5 questions with Camron Greer

5 questions with Camron Greer

Thomas M. Columbus July 09, 2020

We asked basketball junior walk-on Camron Greer about the 2020 season and about his future plans — including some serious shoe business.

Camron Greer ’21, a junior walk-on guard on the men’s basketball team is — if one believes the roster at DaytonFlyers.com — 5'7." He does admit the possibility that when, by the Dayton bench, he waved his hands above his head to encourage the Flyer Faithful to get on their feet and cheer, they may not have been able to see him among the other players. But in optimism and enthusiasm he towers among the greats.

1. What do you think was so special about this season?

I can’t tell you if we were one of the best Dayton teams of all time. We don’t know what could have been; things beyond our control took over. But I can say the bond among the players was really special. My teammates were my brothers. Our off-court bond translated to one on the court. Everyone worked every day in practice. That work ethic translated to the game. It was a special year — for both us and the women’s team.

2. Fans were impressed that not only did the team play well but also appeared to really enjoy playing.

Basketball is really important to the players; it’s more than a game. But one has to realize it is a game and have fun and enjoy it. We went about our business; but we could play with smiles on our faces.


3. How did you handle the change from school and basketball to sheltering in place?

It’s important to stay busy. I had played the saxophone in middle school; so I took it back up. I also did some art projects — decorated a pair of shoes. Shoes are a passion with me. I remember going to a Chicago Bulls game, sitting courtside and getting to meet players in the tunnel. I got Derrick Rose’s autograph; I was really into his shoes. My first exclusive shoes were a pair of Jordan Bred IV. I’m a shoe fanatic.

4. What do you want to do after you graduate?

Work for Nike as a materials engineer. I love Nike shoes. I’ve learned a lot about the design and engineering behind them. Before that, I plan to go to graduate school, possibly for an MBA or a master’s in materials engineering. I would like to be a graduate assistant. I hope to stay around the game and coach someday. I love the game. It’s hard not being around it.

5. How do you balance playing basketball with being a chemical engineering major?

It’s a struggle, but my goal is to get my degree and experience Division I basketball. I manage my time as wisely as I can. When it’s not basketball, it’s books or study sessions. But I’d tell prospective students who may also want to be athletes, it’s achievable. I’m a 5’6” guard from Chicago. Not many people like that become Division I grads, especially from a private school. I’m a Christian; I believe prayer can change things. The sky is never the limit.

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