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Foldable Flyer fun

Foldable Flyer fun

Michelle Tedford April 17, 2020

Your home office needs some zing.

Your children need something to occupy them for 15 minutes.

You need something to occupy your children for 15 minutes.

You’re longing for UD.

These are all perfect reasons to put together your own Flyer cube.

Dani Johnson, art director of University of Dayton Magazine, posed the idea of creating Flyer-themed home craft projects for magazine readers soon after the pandemic sent Ohio workers home.

People need opportunities for fun and distraction, she said. Her first project is a printable, foldable cube covered in vibrant Flyer graphics first presented to UD Magazine readers as a sticker insert in the Autumn 2019 UD Magazine. For those with access to a color printer, simply download and print the file, trim off the excess paper, fold at the dotted lines, tape and display.

“I think foldables are fun, something to keep people occupied, to interact with,” she said. “Kids and adults can both enjoy it.”

She said she hopes readers will put together the cubes and send the magazine photos showing where readers are displaying their Flyer pride. Email photos to magazine@udayton.edu or tag @daymag on Twitter or @universityofdayton on Instagram. Tag photos with #FlyersAtHome.

In addition to the Flyer themed cube, Johnson also created a blue and red cube with empty panels so readers can draw their own images of UD and other things that bring them joy. She'd love to see your personal artwork posted to social media as well.