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On writing (and finding your voice)

On writing (and finding your voice)

Westina Matthews Shatteen ’70 December 05, 2019

Besides Dancing from the Inside Out, Westina Matthews has written three books in the Have a Little Faith series. She reflects on the writing process — and finding her writer’s voice:

Dancing from the Inside Out book cover“I love to read. I love words. I write best when I’m lonely, angry, hurt or in pain. I don’t read my essays out loud. I email them to myself, read them, then revise.”

A lot of my writing happens on the plane on my iPhone. I sit there and thumb away. I get inspired by a phrase or a moment.”

“Often I feel like I’m channeling when I write, but just as I think a piece is done, I’m up at 1 a.m. rewriting.”

“Write because you want to write. Don’t write because you want to write a book.”

“I write best in the mornings, after meditation and an hour of riding my bike or walking. I may write a piece in 20 minutes, but that’s 30 years of lived experiences.”

Westina Matthews Shatteen shares her story