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Serve our patients

Serve our patients

Danielle Damon ’18 October 01, 2019

 Although chemistry is often the root of many science majors’ headaches, students loved learning about atoms, molecules and chemical reactions from professor emeritus Carl I. Michaelis.

Michaelis influenced hundreds of students during his 36-year tenure and has continued to change lives even after his death in 2000. 

“We had no idea that Carl’s role was as significant to the University of Dayton as it was,” said Michaelis’ brother — Walter Michaelis — in a 2001 press release. “Carl was a fellow that didn’t particularly trumpet his accomplishments. He just did his job.”  

U.S. map showing where alumni live


The Carl I. Michaelis Scholarship Fund was established in 2001 with a $1.7 million gift. As of fall 2019, the scholarship has financially supported over 200 students, primarily premedicine majors. 

“If I could talk to Dr. Michaelis today, I would want him to know that his influence positively changed a young doctor’s life,” said naval officer and orthopedic surgeon Jim Harrison ’09. “This scholarship was paramount in helping me get an education and going the medical route.”

Graph of scholarship majors

Scholarship recipients pursue a variety of career paths but find their own ways to continue the Michaelis tradition of humbly helping others.

“The scholarship helped make my UD experience, and career, possible,” said pediatric resident Kylie Bushroe ’14. “I’m proud to be a part of Dr. Michaelis’ legacy at UD and hope I can carry forward the values he taught as I work alongside a vast team to achieve one common goal: to serve our patients.”

Recipients of the Carl I. Michaelis Scholarship have gone on to many professions. Here are just a few:






medical sales


military officer


physician assistant





and many others

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