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Great Flyers

Great Flyers

Michelle Tedford August 16, 2019

Overnight, the campus squirrel-to-human ratio skewed decidedly in favor of the two-legged creatures.

Today, the University of Dayton welcomed more than 2,000 first-year students, who entrusted their prized possessions — from clothes to coffee pots — to the Blue Crew and scores of other current students who were standing by roadways to help with move-in.

Members of the Class of 2023 hail from 41 states and 38 countries, and are among the most diverse in UD's history. (Read more by clicking here.) Activities for New Student Orientation begin this evening and continue through the weekend. Returning students move in this weekend, and classes start Wednesday.

All the extra hands today made for some pretty happy parents, and the sight of all the new students undoubtedly brought a smile to many a squirrel's face. Just as new students look forward to making friends and learning more about the world and themselves, the squirrels are looking forward to all the pizza crusts and leftover monster cookies about to be raided from the trash cans. (Is there ever leftover monster cookie?)

Have a good year, everyone!


(photos by Larry Burgess)

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