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Vintage Treasures

Vintage Treasures

UD Magazine Staff July 24, 2019

Unique Flyer connections are never far — even if they are separated by nearly 80 graduation years. 

These letterman sweaters belonged to Charles “Chuck” Weber, Class of 1926. He was a commerce and finance transfer student to UD and played football — under Coach Harry Baujan — and baseball. For years, the sweaters were in the possession of Weber’s daughter, though no one in the family, other than Chuck, had a UD connection. She had no use for them and was unsure what to do. As luck would have it, Weber’s daughter learned the couple next door, Ben Hunt ’05 and Maureen Radel Hunt ’05, were UD alumni. Hoping they would appreciate vintage UD memorabilia, she offered the jackets to them. And, as any Flyer would, they said they #proUDly accepted the #FlyerFamily gift.

Ben Hunt is a history teacher and was excited to receive the UD memorabilia. See his post about receiving the jackets on Twitter.