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Tornado Relief Efforts

Tornado Relief Efforts

Natalie Schulte '20 June 12, 2019
Over Reunion Weekend, many Alumni came back to not only to celebrate with their UD family but to also to help their Dayton community.

On Memorial Day this year, 15 tornadoes were confirmed to have touchdown in Ohio. These tornadoes leveled neighborhoods and businesses, leaving a shattered community in their wake. In response to this natural disaster, the Dayton and surrounding communities have banded together in order to rebuild what was destroyed and restore a sense of normalcy.

This last weekend, as alumni came back to campus, the University of Dayton participated in relief efforts for our neighbors.

“Alums were reaching out to us asking, ‘Is there anything we can do?’” Said Anita Brothers, the Director of Alumni Relations and Engagement.

This longing to help became the catalyst for creating an opportunity for the incoming alumni to give their time to serve their community or to donate needed items. Encouraged by the University’s Alumni Relations, alumni brought with them toiletries, diapers, sanitary wipes, baby formula, and much more.

On Friday of Reunion Weekend, a station was sent up where individuals could donate goods. According to Dee Blunt, a couple of unexpected goods donated were boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. These sweet treats brought much joy to the community.

“I was pleasantly surprised by what was brought. With Alumni coming from out of town, you never know what they would be able to bring. Two bins were filled,” Anita Brothers said. “It was truly an honor to see UD alums want to help in this way, it is in our DNA!”

The donated items were picked up and distributed by the Foodbank.

On the following Saturday, a service project, coordinated with the Red Cross, was conducted to help with reconstruction. Volunteers worked either at St. Vincent or at a local shelter on Salem Avenue. Not all who volunteered their time were UD alum, some were Dayton community members who simply wished to help their neighbors.

Danielle ‘19 reminded us, "We are all from the same area, and though not all of us were badly affected, it is our duty to give back. It may not be a lot, but even a small amount can make a big difference."