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Stories of snowball fights and Fieldhouse concerts

Stories of snowball fights and Fieldhouse concerts

Lauren Durham ’21 June 09, 2019

From the student neighborhood to Humanities Plaza, UD came to life during Reunion Weekend 2019. Alumni gathered with old friends and shared their fondest college memories. For Lynne Williams ’71 and her husband, Maurice “Skeeter” Williams ’69, some of their favorite moments came from weekends on campus.

1906_reunionmemiories_img.jpgIn the winter, sledding and snowball fights were common. Students would often be found at the top of Stuart Hill with creative sleds in hand.

“We used cafeteria trays to slide down the hill. It was a blast. The first few runs might not be so good, but after a while, you could go a long way,” Skeeter said.

When the weather was warm, Lynne and Skeeter attended concerts at the Fieldhouse. Famous artists of the time performed including Bob Hope, The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, Elton John, The Supremes and Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Although most of the concert tickets were affordable, the prices didn’t always fit the college students’ budgets. Lynne said, “The one we couldn’t afford was Blood, Sweat & Tears. We sat on the carpet and we listened to some records.”

Although Reunion Weekend has come to an end, it is nice to know that lifelong memories never will.