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Natalie Schulte ’20 June 26, 2019

Benjamin Rivet ’08

In December 2018, BJSR (Benjamin Rivet ’08) released the single “Journeyman” from his new album A. The Creative. “Journeyman” is the fifth track, and Rivet stated, “Thematically, it’s the anchor track and was the first song I released with the album to set the tone for the project.”journeyman.jpgRivet also worked with Ronnie Pinnell ’12, who assisted in the mixing and mastering of A. The Creative. Rivet met Pinnell through the Street Sounds recording studio where they found themselves collaborating with many of the same artists. Rivet hopes that those who listen to his songs can individually interpret the meaning and find themselves in a better mood afterward. Listen to "Journeyman" by following this link.