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Death Rides the Ferry

Death Rides the Ferry

Magazine Staff June 26, 2019

Published in 2018, Death Rides the Ferry is the fourth installment to the Dave Cuibak Mystery series by Patricia Skalka ’69. The story begins after Sheriff Dave Cubiak takes a much needed day off to enjoy the Viola da Gamba Music Festival, which has returned after a 40-year absence. The day takes a sinister turn as a passenger is soon discovered dead on the ferry. deathridestheferry_img.jpgResidents of the Wisconsin’s Door County peninsula recall the tragic events that had occurred four decades prior — when a woman was killed and the fabled yellow viol disappeared. With his loved ones in danger, Cuibak must embark on a treacherous journey through the stormy, northern reaches of Lake Michigan to pursue the merciless killer and find justice for the deceased.



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