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Marycrest memories

Marycrest memories

Lauren Durham '21 June 08, 2019

Reunion Weekend has begun, and so has the nostalgia. For 1969 graduates Pat Carbon and Colette Perry, memories came flooding back from their freshman year.

In 1965, Marycrest welcomed UD students for the first time. Perry and Carbon discussed the strict curfew rules they faced as residents of the building. The women were required to sign in at the front desk where advisors or nuns were stationed, and if a student was late, there would be a penalty.

 “You had a few hours of reprieve that your late time could be deducted from. Of course, we were scrupulous about putting those minutes down exactly because we wanted every extra minute that we could have,” said Perry.

The ladies recalled having to evacuate the building during drills in the middle of the night and wanting to look their best as residents of Stuart Hall would be outside, too.

“You always took the rollers out of your hair before you went out, and you primped a little,” Perry joked.

 And the weekend continues, full of making more memories while reliving the old ones.