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Once a Flyer, always a Flyer

Once a Flyer, always a Flyer

Jeaneen Parsons June 24, 2019

At UD, they call Teesie Lupp ’81 a lifer. She came here in 1977 to study biology with plans to pursue a career in medicine. As a student, she worked in the Office of Financial Aid. The staff celebrated with her as she graduated in April, then welcomed her back in July as a full-time employee in the Division of Enrollment Management. She’s still here.

Now working in the International Admission Office, Lupp assists students coming to UD from around the world. “Ten years ago we had about 25 entering international students from typically five countries. Now we have several hundred representing over 60 countries,” she said. 

The University made increasing student body diversity a priority over the last decade and has seen great success. “It’s not just about getting the student to UD,” Lupp said, “but continuing to develop the individual for success. This embodies our Marianist spirit of contributing to the growth of the whole person.” 

lupp_profile_summermag.jpgLupp considers the opportunity to help students the best part of her job. 

“When I help students past the obstacles to get to UD, it’s a blessing to know I had a small part in helping them start their journey of furthering their education.” The education goes both ways. “I enjoy talking with our students and learning their perspectives, cultures and traditions. Making an individual connection is more than I could ever learn from a book — it’s a learning experience about our global world,” she said.

Her Flyer family also includes her sisters Anita ’77 and Monica ’78 who also work at UD, multiple cousins who are graduates, and two aunts who were previous longtime employees, including Mary Shay ’44.

When not at UD, Lupp is the choir director at her church and recently learned to knit. She’d also like to learn to play the guitar or possibly go back to school and try something different if retirement becomes a reality. 

But after 38 years at UD, when asked of retiring, Lupp replied, “You mean I have to leave UD?” 

Well, apparently, you don’t.

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