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'Hay day' for Roesch Library

'Hay day' for Roesch Library

Lauren Durham ’22 May 08, 2019

On Tuesday, students gathered outside Roesch Library to pet, hug and take pictures with four-legged guests named Kallie and Ruby. They are miniature horses, brought in by the library to help students chill during finals week. Lora Melin, founder of the nonprofit Maggie’s Mini Therapy Horses, said, “Our mission is really to help developmental health, emotional health, stress relief and just bring joy to people.”

“I went up and gave the pony a hug, and it was just the cutest thing.”

Said sophomore communications major Melody Conrad, “It was so calming. I went up and gave the pony a hug, and it was just the cutest thing.”

miniature horse poses at Roesch LibraryLauren Hassett, a first-year English and political science double major, added, “Finals week is stressful for all students. I really appreciate the University providing these services to help break up our studying and encourage us to relax.”

During finals week, Roesch Library becomes the premier location for students. This year’s finals theme, “Parks and Roesch,” is based off of the hit television show Parks and Recreation. Whether students are feeling enthusiastic about the end of the year like TV character Leslie Knope or slightly irritated like her nemesis Ron Swanson, opportunities are being offered for everyone.

Popular perks such as complimentary pizza, hot beverages, chair messages and, of course, therapy animals are included in this semester’s lineup. Rosie the dog and Rocky the bunny joined the miniature horses in providing lots of love.

The idea to include miniature horses in UD’s finals week schedule hails from Parks and Recreation’s town icon, Li’l Sebastian. In the show, character Andy Dwyer describes their beloved horse as the town of Pawnee’s “greatest treasure.” Based on the reactions of UD students, miniature horses may be a new favorite in the furry friend lineup at Roesch Library.